Did you know that our productions at Imago are only a portion of what we do? We also tour across North America performing for tens of thousands of students and locally, we work with thousands of students in Portland and Vancouver area classrooms.

With all of our work, it is no surprise that it takes more than ticket sales to pay for our programming. Another significant portion of our revenue comes from donations. In addition to providing us with the income needed to produce our work, individual contributions play a large role in securing private and government grants. Funders look at both the amount of people that donate and the amount of donations received. A strong showing of support from individuals provides grant makers with the confidence that the organization is loved and will be around for a long time.

What does your contribution provide? Here are just a few of the numbers from last year.

  • 277 touring performances serving over 95,000 people.
  • 61 public performances at the Imago Theater seen by nearly 12,000 people.
  • 4,100 students reached in our residency and after-school programs

In total, Tears of Joy Theatre reached over 111,000 people. Additionally, we provide artists with paying positions, many of them with full-time artistic positions. We are proud that one of our core values is that we “treat the artist as a professional”. Without our artists, there would be no Tears of Joy Theatre.

To keep reaching families and showing them the joys of puppetry, we need your help. Make a donation of any amount! You can even choose to become a sustaining donor and have payments automatically withdrawn from your account each month. Click here. (You’ll be taken to a secure login page.)

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Support Tears of Joy Theatre by making a financial contribution and help bring the magic of puppetry to thousands of children.