The Ugliest Duckling

Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling heads down under! Set in Australia and starring a cast of vibrant and colorful creatures, The Ugliest Duckling adds a new twist to an old tale. Imagine mother duck’s surprise when an egg in her nest hatches into a platypus! Yuckay the platypus gains self-confidence as he uses his talents to help others and bravely faces Kurreah the Crocodile. The Ugliest Duckling teaches children that everyone is unique in their own right. With a the help of a cast of memorable characters such as Garndula the Kangaroo and Piggliebillah the Spiny Anteater, Yuckay will bring confidence to the ugly duckling in all of us.

What your students will learn:

  • Learn the retelling of a classic tale.
  • Learn that everyone has special talent and abilities.
  • Learn about the colorful ecology unique to Australia.

Click here to download a curriculum guide.

Workshops with the puppeteers are available for additional fees. Click here for details.

Currently touring to:

  • Idaho (Except Kootanai County, ID)
  • Oregon
  • California
  • Nevada
  • Tri Cities, Washington

For more information, prices or to schedule a performance, contact Deborah Browne at or 503-248-0557



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