Smaller Shows

Designed for Libraries, Preschools, Birthday Parties and Community Centers

“Your skill, presentation style and obvious love for your craft (art!) kept the audience both spellbound and engaged. If I had to choose one word to describe the event from start to finish, I believe I would choose CAPTIVATING!” – Pat T., Librarian


Performance length: 45 minutes

Space requirement: 10’x10’

Technical requirement: Available power outlet needed

Audience size: 150

To schedule a show or for more information, contact:

Deborah Browne, 


New! Touring Summer 2014, Created for Collaborative Summer Library Programing theme: SCIENCE

Tad & Fry: A Tale of Friendship and Metamorphosis Tad and Fry

A tadpole and a fry can become friends, but what happens when they grow up? Tad and Fry are best friends, but as their bodies start to change and they grow up, their friendship is put to the test. What will happen when Tad grows legs or Fry is ready to migrate to the ocean? Experience biology and the science of metamorphosis through this charming and interactive puppet performance that utilizes shadow puppetry and music. Grab your magnifying glass and come explore your backyard stream.


The Mantis and the Moon

A San Folk Tale from Southern Africa
From “Nelson Mendela’s Favorite African Folk Tales”
Adapted by Jonathan Owicki

The proud praying mantis declares he will capture the moon and ride on top of it, so he can look down on all of the animals that make fun of him. While his daughter, Porcupine, tries to gain his attention, Mantis focuses on his desire to achieve greater heights. He tries to trap the moon several times unsuccessfully, and in his failure he learns humility and the ultimate lesson that the love in his life is more important than his pride. Having learned his lesson Mantis spends the rest of his life with arms bent in thanks. Sing along with Mantis as we try to capture the moon!

     Mantis set          Mantis 2



A Tale of Central America
Based on the book by Gerald McDermott
Adapted by Kelly Campbell

Papagayo the parrot spends his days singing, playing games and disturbing the daytime slumber of the Animales De La Noche. But when the Ancient Moon Dog wakes up, and starts to eat the moon, the Night Animals are too afraid to do anything. Only Papagayo knows what to do. The Night Animals learn that Papagayo is a good friend to have, even if he is a little loud! Fun and interactive, this bilingual one person show brings the Guatemalan jungle to life with brightly colored puppets. Join us as we sing, hoot, croak , crow, and work together to scare away the Moon Dog!


papagayo poster          Papagayo   performer


Clever Quwi: The Underground Adventures of a Trickster Guinea Pig

A Tale of South America

Created for the National Summer Reading Program “Dig into Reading”, Tears of Joy Theatre presents Clever Quwi: The Underground Adventures of a Trickster Guinea Pig. This interactive one-person puppet show pits the cunning Quwi against the dimwitted Zorro the fox. Quwi tricks Zorro into holding a large boulder to keep up the sky and digging a deep burrow to hide from the end of the world. With recognizable themes from Looney Toons and Brer Rabbit, this tale dives deep into fun and trickery!


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